Announcement: Convey Digest Prize Fund

2021 September 17 19:02 stuartscott 1318¤

As you may already know, the best content contributed to Convey each month is aggregated into a digest ( enabling authors to reach a larger audience, and readers to access quality content covering a diverse range of topics.

Starting this month, the Convey Digest will include a Prize Fund that will be shared among the authors featured in that edition. Making Convey one of the few platforms to reward authors for contributing high-quality content!

The September edition will include a Prize Fund of $625.00 US.

The prize amount each author receives is proportional to the total yield of their content appearing in the digest, in US dollars rounded up to the nearest cent. For example, if Alice's contributions yield 250¤, Bob's yield 100¤, and Charlie's yield 150¤, then the total yield is 500¤ resulting in Alice winning $312.50 (250 / 500 * $625), Bob winning $125.00 (100 / 500 * $625), and Charlie winning $187.50 (150 / 500 * $625).

Remember; yield is determined by you - the community - when you engage with a post you increase its yield, and thus likelihood of being published in the digest! Similarly, by ignoring the trolls, spammers, and haters you ensure their low-quality content never earns a yield and thus never makes it into the digest.

Happy conveying!


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