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Sick of Spam?

Tired of Trolls?

Done with Doomscrolling?

Exhausted by Echo Chambers?

Turned Off by Targeted Advertising?

Had Enough Harassment, Heckling, and Hate?

Ready for Something New?

Convey is a Communication Platform that Incentivizes Quality Content, Collaboration, and Discussion.

Value Quality, not Quantity

Contributions are charged by size to incentivize brevity and allow people to "put their money where their mouth is."

Authors are rewarded when other people respond to their content; higher quality, more responses, deeper discussions, bigger yields.

Reward the Authors

Each month the best content is published in a digest and those authors earn a reward propotional to their content's yield.

Which makes Convey one of the few platforms to reward contributors for high-quality content!

Starve the Trolls

The community incentivize good content by only engaging with messages that are of value. Bad content doesn't generate responses and will therefore never appear in the digest.

If a troll replies to your content, ignore them and enjoy the coins you received from them!

Move the World

Convey your message to a global audience.

Enjoy high-quality content from authors around the world, covering a wide range of topics.

How it Works