Is Aaron Rodgers Sabotaging the Packers?

2021 September 17 20:00 mbenbenek 1333¤

The question must be asked after the quarterback's abysmal performance against the Saints last week, putting up one of the worst QBRs of his career and throwing uncharacteristic interceptions. All of this comes after winning MVP and gaining more offensive weapons that he handpicked. He spent the offseason vacationing with celebrities, hosting Jeopardy and voicing his displeasure with the organization. It's only been one week so this might be an overreaction but if Rodger's continues to play bad which are we to believe: 1) the league MVP forgot how to play football or 2) he is intentionally playing poor to get back at the organization and force a trade. His body language on Sunday was also suspect; he looked simply disinterested both while on the field and after he got benched. We also can't overlook the parallels of the current situation with Jordan Love and the similar QB controversy that transpired when Rodgers took the reins from Favre. Why would they move on to a rookie from a QB who has proven he can still win? The bad blood between the Packers and Rodgers has been building since the 2020 draft and it seems more likely to me that he is sabotaging the season rather than he is falling off as a player. After all, he has a history of holding grudges (he no longer speaks to his family).

Skol Vikings!


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