Project Evolution

2022 April 13 19:57 stuartscott 1024¤ 987¤

Every project starts small and grows over time - a mature codebase looks very different from the first code written. However this is something most tutorials claiming to be the "right way of organizing code", and templates having the "correct project layout" seem to be missing.

New developers can easily get analysis paralysis trying to figure out the proper directory structures, appropriate package names, and separation of concerns before a single line is written. Worse still; once they actually get started on the codebase the rigid organization hinders progress when the project inevitably expands in a direction they had not anticipated.

In this article I'll show you the steps I typically follow when starting a project by creating a Polish notation calculator. These are not golden rules, nor are they perfect, but they should help you get productive without too much fuss.

This code shown is available on Github and the commit history should align with the steps below.

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